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Some of Morgana's Hollywood life are also featured in the book Laurel Canyon The Inside Story of Rock and Roll’s Legendary Neighborhood
by Michael  Walker



Photo’s of Morgana and legendary British musician and poet, Roy Harper can be found in
Roy Harper, The Passions of Great Fortune, The Songs Explored

"Reading the book...it's very good...what good times we had.  Your book's a real life history of a girl who wasn't afraid of the future.  You wanted something different...and you went for it...and got there."  Roy Harper

"Morgana thanks for a great read...and as you wrote in the front, the best memories of that moment in time.  LOVED IT!
Skip Allan - The Pretty Things

"Bought the book on Kindle.  Thanks for the mentions you naughty girl!  Jon Povey - The Pretty Things

“You kept a very good diary. Everything in it is one hundred percent TRUE!!” 
Chuck Ruff - Edgar Winter band.


"The stories you told in your book brought back fond memories for me of the crazy fun times we had."
Bill Lordan – Sly and the Family Stone, Robin Trower



Hollywood Diaries are the true, intimate, and sometimes disturbing diaries of Morgana Welch.  They begin in 1971 and mark the beginning of a young girls search for reality and her sense of self.  Her path begins in a section of society that was anything but normal, Hollywood and Beverly Hills.  The diaries reflect a way of life that would afford Morgana the pleasure (and pain) of hanging out with the Rock 'n' Roll world.  Some of the people in Hollywood Diaries are still around, some are no longer on the planet, some disappeared for good, and some in amazing ways reappear from time to time in her life.  The diaries are published as a tribute to the era of sex, drugs, and Rock 'n' Roll
...and surviving the wonderful, crazy times!


They are written with such brutal honesty, even when the truth was painful, you told it like it was and are very brave!

I have once thought that groupies were this... mindless confirming stupid, or would the proper word be submissive?, bunch of sex toys ready to be taken away to LaLa land.  But when i read your entries--which I must say took out the dull off my life here--I have this new perspective that these people, these girls...they could actually be full of sense, smart and just really one of the most awesome people you would be lucky to meet up with, and that would not only be because they have slept with a rock star here and there, so I guess I could blame you for giving me somewhat a little higher respect for those types of girls.

I thought it was excellent. An honest snapshot of amazing times that will probably never happen again. Have also just read Laurel Canyon, which features some of Morgana's story as well. Wild and magical...and surviving was nothing short of a miracle!

The Hollywood
Diaries were some of the most inspiring writing i have ever read. its so funny how we can connect with a person and not even have met them. i lazed around outside in a sunflower field and read these diaries over and over.......i thought i was going to cry when i read the last one...don't stop writing- i need more!

The diaries are inspiring and I feel show the power of youth and beauty and brains. Out in the open and honest is liberal, she has nothing to hide like a lot of people I know. She is a skilled writer and I go along w/the consensus that a better movie than "Almost Famous" could be made from the diaries. A woman's view would be great. I miss the 70's and the way it was even though I was in my teens.  The openness that is missing now in today's packaged product music. It was too cool. Thanks Morgana

I saw that 'infamous groupie' photo in Stephen Davis's Hammer of the Gods and always wondered who the girls were (besides Lori and Sable, because they tell you that in the book.) I've heard accounts from people like Miss Pamela and Cynthia Plaster Caster and it's so interesting to read about how much the scene changed in just a few years. You are a fine writer and I enjoy your voice a lot. I love hearing about the groupie heyday and I really admire how you manage to come across in your writings, insightful and warm. I love Pamela Des Barres' writings also and I don't wish to criticize her at all, but she does tend to gloss over some of the seedier sides that must surely have been there. You handle them with a terrific approach, without overdoing it for shock value and sharing your thoughts about it all. Thanks for sharing your stories with us. It's great to finally know who the pretty blonde girl in the middle is!

I was totally enthralled. Read them all in one sitting. It is now dawn. I look forward to more. It was especially interesting hearing about stories involving some of my friends and acquaintances from the past. I was relieved that my husband's name never came up, though!


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Hollywood was built on a world of shadows …the shadows of the limelight and the shadows of the secret societies that founded the city.  In the late 1960s an upcoming rock star, Taylor Wells, discovers his life was secretly planned out by a group of occultists whose goal was to create an exalted being.  Taylor grew up within the world of shadows and is searching to find out the truth behind his mother’s death and in so discovers a dark side of Hollywood, where power attracts those who want it, at any cost. 




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Morgana's Kitchen, I've been a vegetarian most of my life.  I started writing this book when my grandson wanted to know more and more about cooking.  After putting this together for my family, I decided to publish it for those of you who might want to explore new recipes.  Enjoy!



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