Conservatives freak out about Jill Biden’s White House tap-dancing Christmas video

On Wednesday, first lady Jill Biden posted a festive holiday video filmed at the White House, writing, “A bit of magic, wonder, and joy brought to you by the talented tappers of Dorrance Dance, performing their playful interpretation of The Nutcracker Suite. Enjoy!”

The two-and-a-half-minute piece included dancers from the New York City-based dance troupe dressed up as characters from the famous Tchaikovsky ballet, tap dancing through a Christmas-decorated White House to the sounds of Duke Ellington’s famous jazz interpretation of the classic piece.

Please watch and enjoy it before I tell you all about how offended conservatives are by a diverse cast of talented dancers doing their thing and showing off their talent..

The New York Post reported on the video with the cryptic “illuminati” conspiracy language often attached to popular art that features either publicly known liberals, people of color, or both. According to the Post, some people are saying that the video promotes a “Hunger Games aesthetic” and the piece reminded them of the famous film “A Clockwork Orange” (probably because it is shot with a wide lens and centered to keep hallways and their decorations symmetrical).

Fox News reported that the Dorrance Dance troupe is in favor of police reform and “prison abolition.” This is the conservative equivalent of telling Captain Ahab that Moby Dick was spotted on the internets. Insecure men’s rights narcissist Andrew Tate wrote, “This is dystopian. If I believed in fear – I would be afraid.” He sort of sounds afraid of tap dancing?

Fox News’ Jesse Watters had some lady on who said, with a straight face, that “Melania is the perfect example of what should be in the White House as far as women are concerned. Dr. Jill Biden does not make the cut.” Ah, yes, Melania Trump, who was famously annoyed at having to lift a finger to do anything about Christmas, and was recorded saying, “Who gives a fuck about the Christmas stuff and decorations?”

Online, one Trump loyalist who goes by “msnatalie” seems to agree that the “who gives a fuck about the Christmas” lady is the real hero, writing, “I prefer a more elegant Christian scene, IMHO.” In her humble opinion, msnatalie prefers the Christmas decorations chosen by the third wife of a megalomaniacal philanderer.

Maybe msnatalie owns some very tiny camels, or some very large needles?

Why don’t we enjoy the video again!

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