Desperate Newsmax interviews confessed mass murderer Sammy ‘The Bull’ Gravano about … Hunter Biden

On Monday, Rep. James Comer pretended to have explosive evidence of President Joe Biden’s purported criminal enterprise. He didn’t, of course. But on Tuesday, Newsmax rallied behind Comer’s dud by interviewing the aging former “underboss” of the Gambino organized crime family, Sammy “The Bull” Gravano.

Yes, that last sentence is 100% factual. So what did the 78-year-old Bull, who is best known for turning state’s evidence and confessing to his involvement in 19 murders, have to say?

“And when you say [Biden is] not part of the Mafia or organized crime, I don’t know—it’s more organized, you couldn’t get, if this is an organized crime. And like I said in previous interviews, we were like choirboys compared to what they’re doing now. So if you say it’s not organized crime, I don’t agree with that. There’s no parallel. They’re doing 10 times more. Listen, I never sold out the country. We may have raised prices in different markets and we got a piece of it, but we never turned around and sold out the whole country.”

Both anchors replied that he’d made a “fair point.”

In Newsmax’s defense, their reliance on a notorious scumbag as an expert came just a few days after Fox News had the very same scumbag on to talk with Jesse Watters about the Biden family.

The Republican investigation into Biden and his family’s finances has reached a new low, and conservative media is following it down the drain.

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