Do you love your cryo-neighbors? What have you done for them lately?

It’s been a rough year for humor, but here’s a teeny little story that’s impossible to take seriously. It concerns Oklahoma state Senate candidate and pastor Dusty Deevers, a Republican and theocratic crackpot of the usual mold. Via Right Wing Watch, Friendly Atheist’s Hemant Mehta delivers unto us a little treat.

Dusty Deevers, the Republican nominee for a vacant Oklahoma State Senate seat, delivered a sermon last year in which he railed against in vitro fertilization (IVF), saying that embryos “were incarcerated in frozen prisons,” referring to them as “cryo-orphans,” and urging the audience to love their “embryonic neighbors.”

You’re thinking it can’t possibly be as bad as Mehta is making out, and you are wrong. And lordy, there are tapes.

Today, I want to ask and answer the question: What must you and I do to love our IVF embryonic neighbors as ourselves? My aim today is, with our Creator’s help, graciously to bring before your conscience the harsh realities of IVF so you will respond by faith, in faith, by loving your embryonic neighbor.

Why should this matter to you? Well, we’ve heard why it should matter. Millions of our embryonic neighbors, unnecessarily, are being led to slaughter every year by IVF and assisted reproductive technologies.

And countless others are cryo-incarcerated in frozen prisons. We are creating cryo-orphans for the sake of biological offspring.

I don’t care what your beliefs are: If you don’t think the phrase “cryo-incarcerated” is funny, you are dead to me. The notion that “[m]illions of our embryonic neighbors,” each consisting of one fertilized egg, are all shivering away in tiny little cryo-prisons, clanking the little iron bars with their tin cups in a maddening orchestra of the damned—that is gold.


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