George Santos promises ‘receipts’ of his fellow Republicans’ corruption

On Sunday, pathological backstory-fabricator George Santos granted an interview to a local CBS affiliate in New York. Appearing on “The Point with Marcia Kramer,” the ousted Congress member declared that he had learned from his mistakes and that he was going to atone by exposing all of the corruption he saw in Washington—and named fellow Republicans as some of the biggest offenders.

Fellow Republican Rep. Nicole Malliotakis from New York’s 11th District has been one of Santos’ favored targets. He has publicly called Malliotakis corrupt, intimating that she has used her position to commit insider trading violations. Asked about his claims, Santos said, “I saw how the sausage is made and I have receipts and I’m willing to show the American people. You don’t need to believe me; believe the proof and the evidence,” and promised to reveal this evidence in the near future.

George Santos: I mean, NicoleMallioStockTips, as I call her now—I mean, she’s insider trading and it’s almost evident if you look at her disclosures … I mean, it’s not hard to see a member—

Marcia Kramer: —How do we prove that?

Santos: It’s very easy. She receives classified briefings as a member of the Ways and Means Committee. It takes a very competent FBI officer to go look at her trading and how it works and just look at her communication. This is all digitized these days. It’s not hard to see a person saying, “Hey, do this trade, I just got a good tip.”

Kramer: She’s pushed back on that, though.

Santos: Well, they all push back. But can somebody explain to me how is it that she miraculously becomes a member of the committee and then she’s doing trades on NYCB, with the Signature Bank collapse, just the day before having an 80% stock hike? That’s not a lucky trade, Marcia. That’s a very well-informed trade.

Malliotakis is one of the Republicans who voted to expel Santos from the House. The trade Santos is referring to took place earlier this year and absolutely reeks of insider trading. She is just one of the Republicans Santos targeted on social media the same evening as his expulsion, alleging vast corruption. That’s when he first called her “Nicole MallioStockTips,” saying she was “a dirty dishonorable swamp creature selling the American people down a river for her own benefit.” Good times with what sounds like great people!

Santos is facing serious election and financial fraud charges himself, and told Kramer that a plea deal is not off the table. Santos’ trial is set for September 2024, but CBS is reporting that the Department of Justice will be trying to get Santos’ trial moved up to May 2024. Life comes at you fast!

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Markos and Kerry give their thoughts on what the country is facing in 2024. The Republican Party is running on losing issues like abortion and repealing the ACA—with no explanation of what they plan on replacing it with. Trump has a lot of criming to atone for, and the Republican platform remains set on destroying democracy.


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