ICYMI: The GOP House did a whole lot of nothing this year

The GOP House did a whole lot of nothing this year

We can call it: This year’s House of Representatives, led by Republicans, was the most ineffective since 1933. It passed just 22 bills, compared with the 85 bills that former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s House passed in 2021. Worse, most of the bills it did pass were fluff, such as one authorizing an anniversary coin for the Marine Corps. There is much more fail in this Congress detailed in this story. Check it out.

At the very least, they got rid of George Santos … though we don’t know whether to count that as a success that he’s gone, or a failure that he was a congressman in the first place.

More top stories:

Another GOP-run state refuses to comply with Voting Rights Act—even after court order

This time, it’s North Dakota, whose Republicans are actively disenfranchising the state’s Native American population.

GOP congresswoman defends Trump’s Nazi talking points

Unbelievably, New York Republican Rep. Nicole Malliotakis defended Trump’s transparent use of Nazi references to racial impurity, claiming immigration is “poisoning the blood of our country.”

North Carolina Democrats’ road back to Supreme Court majority starts with next year’s race

You know how Democrats just took control of the Wisconsin Supreme Court, preventing Republicans from maintaining their obscene legislative gerrymanders, and blocking Trump’s future efforts to use the courts to undermine democracy? It took nearly a decade to flip the court, and it’s time to do the same thing in North Carolina.

Texas Gov. Abbott defies federal authority with extreme anti-immigrant law

Abbott is hoping his clearly unconstitutional law will end up at the Supreme Court, where a friendlier panel will overturn their 2012 ruling that gave the federal government exclusive jurisdiction over immigration matters.

Ukraine Update: Russia has highest single-day losses since invasion began

Russia is throwing waves of men against Ukrainian defenses, attempting to break through as Republicans in Congress lend Putin a helping hand.


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