ICYMI: Trump catches a legal break, Hunter Biden calls the GOP’s bluff

Judge hits the brakes on Trump’s 2020 election interference trial

Donald Trump has one primary defense his legal team has repeatedly deployed in all his criminal and civil cases throughout his career: delay, delay, delay. On Wednesday, he got another leg up when U.S. District Judge Tanya Chutkan agreed to pause the 2020 election interference trial while a federal appeals court rules on whether he had presidential immunity and therefore cannot be prosecuted.

On the same day, in a different case, a federal appeals court ruled Donald Trump did not have presidential immunity.

In another election-related Trump case, CNN obtained leaked audio of Kenneth Chesebro’s testimony to Michigan prosecutors. The Trump-aligned attorney seems to be talking to numerous investigators in an all-out effort to avoid a prison term.

Hunter Biden called their bluff

On Wednesday, Hunter Biden did the one thing Republicans didn’t want him to do: He publicly owned up to his mistakes. By Thursday morning, Rep. James Comer turned up on Fox News to crow about the Republican-led vote to move forward with an impeachment inquiry, and he seemed downright depressed about both the lack of evidence against Joe Biden and the new Associated Press reporting on Comer’s own history of using a shell corporation.

Daily Kos’ Kerry Eleveld makes the case that the sham investigation could end up being an early gift to Democrats going into the 2024 campaign cycle.

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