In late-night rant, George Santos shows he’s determined to light the GOP on fire

Former Rep. George Santos may be out of the House, but he’s not going to go away quietly. On Friday, Santos was unceremoniously expectorated from Congress for being a liar, fraud, and likely criminal. Or the wrong kind of liar, fraud and criminal, rather. After all, Republicans prefer their liars and frauds in burnt orange, and with violent, rampaging mobs that can be summoned to storm the Capitol or dab the meat sweats off their betters’ brows with infield tarp-sized bath towels. 

Of course, the hypocrisy inherent in this doofus’ defenestration is glaring enough to stir a righteous indignation in the Jew-ish disgrace laser, and he’s quite keen to point it out. Only Santos is going after his ex-colleagues in Congress in lieu of Dear Leader.

Late Friday night, Santos took to social media to name-check some of the folks who hastened his ouster, and it was just as embarrassing as you’d expect.

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The Hill:

His threats were levied against Reps. Nicole Malliotakis (R-N.Y.), Mike Lawler (R-N.Y.), Nick LaLota (R-N.Y.) and Rob Menendez (D-N.J.) over campaign finance violations and other ethics claims. The embattled former lawmaker said he will file official complaints on Monday.

New York Republicans led the GOP push to oust Santos, who was himself accused of campaign finance violations, lying to donors and fraud. He faces 23 criminal charges for his alleged conduct, including wire fraud, identity theft and theft of public funds, but has not been tried.

Oh, please proceed, George! What niggling nuggets have you found against your fellow New Yorkers?


Let’s talk about hypocrisy.

Can someone ask Nicole MalioStockTips when did she become a savant in stock trading?

The signature bank trades she did REEKS of insider trading much like Paul Pelosi’s every trade!

Nicole is in it for herself! Just look at her record and it speaks for itself.

Nicole MalioStockTips is a dirty dishonorable swamp creature selling the American people down a river for her own benefit.

@NMalliotakis the difference between you and I is that I don’t live in denial, I’m a PROUD GAY man and I’m not afraid to say it.

I see he’s taken Trump University’s $6,000 platinum-level nickname seminar. Though he might want to upgrade to the exclusive Colloidal Silver tier. “Nicole MalioStockTips” doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue the way it should.

Santos also targeted fellow Republican Mike Lawler:


On Monday I will be filling an Ethics complaint against @RepMikeLawler for questionable campaign finance violations.

Congressman Lawler owns portion of Checkmate Strategies and he uses the same firm that he is a beneficiary of to pay for services related to his campaign.

The concerning questions are; is Mr Lawler engaging in laundering money form his campaign to his firm then into his own pocket?

I will let the Office of Congressional Ethics be the judge of that.

Next up: GOP Rep. Nick LaLota …


On Monday the 3rd ethics report I’ll be submitting to the Office of Congressional Ethics is on @RepLaLota.

It has been raised in the local media that congressman Lalota obtained his JD attending Hofstra in day school while he was supposed to be working at the Board of elections at the same time.

The questionable actions are? Did Rep Lalota no-show to his tax pay funded job while going to school and if so he can potential have stolen public funds form the tax payers of NY.

I will let the Office of Congressional Ethics determine the validity of this grave allegation raised in his local media.

Meanwhile, on Thursday, just a day before his expulsion, Santos called GOP Rep. Max Miller—whom former White House Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham has accused of domestic violence—a “woman beater” after Miller called Santos a “crook.”

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And before bouncing from the hallowed halls, Santos also introduced a resolution to expel Democratic Rep. Jamaal Bowman for pulling a fire alarm during a vote in September.   

Instead of trying to sell a bridge on the way out of D.C., Santos has opted to burn them all. In fact, if this guy had any credibility at all, some of these rascals would surely be squirming in their skivvies.

As The Washington Post’s Dana Milbank points out, during a lengthy X Q&A (or Q&L, if you will) session over Thanksgiving weekend, Santos appeared ready to go nuclear.

Instead of defending himself, Santos leveled dubious accusations of crime and impropriety against his colleagues. “They all act like they are in ivory towers with white pointy hats and they’re untouchable,” he said, but “within the ranks of the United States Congress, there’s felons galore.” He said his peers come from “shystie backgrounds,” that they are “getting drunk every night with the next lobbyist that they’re going to screw,” that they don’t “show up to vote because they’re too hung over,” and that they “just give their [voting] card out like f—ing candy for someone else to vote for them. This s— happens every single week! … All of this s—, they’re coming after me?”

The Great Prevaricator alleged that the unnamed chairman of “one of the most powerful committees” in the House had committed insider trading (“there’s so much proof”). And he said the Ethics Committee lawyers are “hacks” who “should be disbarred” for their “slanderous” “smear” of his good name.

Sounds like he’s been cribbing from Madison Cawthorn’s playbook. Say, is it possible Cawthorn and Santos were expelled because they refused to participate in Chuck Grassley’s wild cocaine parties? You know what they say. It’s not a drug-fueled orgy until you find a dead pidgin on your farm. 

Of course, members of Congress with bona fide ethics issues should be hoping Santos accuses them of wrongdoing. What better way to inoculate themselves from criticism? Being “exposed” by Santos would be a little like opening a raw vegan restaurant and getting a one-star Yelp review from an unemployed Mayor McCheese. You wouldn’t necessarily welcome it, but come on, how much damage can it really do?

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So this is goodbye, for now. Don’t let the door hit you in the ass, George—unless that’s the kind of thing that plays particularly well on OnlyFans. But hey, maybe you can keep it together for your family, wherever—and whoever—they are.



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