With gag order reinstated, Trump shifts attacks to judge’s wife

On Thursday, the Supreme Court of the State of New York reinstated a narrow gag order against Donald Trump that prohibits him from making statements about court staff. The order was originally put in place by Judge Arthur Engoron after Trump repeatedly attacked law clerk Allison Greenfield, including falsely claiming that she was the “girlfriend” of Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer. Trump’s statements have been tied to multiple threats on the life of both Greenfield and Engoron.

In response, Trump posted a series of false claims about Engoron’s wife, using a widely debunked series of images posted by conspiracy theorist Laura Loomer. Trump also reposted the images along with statements sure to generate threats against Engoron’s wife and family.

Not only is this vivid confirmation that Trump is a low-life POS, it’s also an obvious threat aimed at every prosecutor, judge, or other member of the justice system who tries to hold him to account for his crimes.

Loomer’s original “exclusive” was based on posting several images from an account on X (formerly known as Twitter) that had messages indicating Trump was a criminal.

Loomer offered no evidence that the account belonged to Engoron’s wife, basing her accusation on nothing other than the coincidence that the account was apparently from someone who shared the first name “Dawn.” Loomer went on to name and describe Engoron’s children, including where they worked and lived. She also posted images of Engoron’s brother and even his nephew as she talked about the “Engoron crime family,” suggested that one of Engoron’s children was somehow benefiting from Trump’s trial, and posted images of Engoron’s family members.

Loomer’s original post on X has now been viewed over 13 million times. Responses to that post have included numerous threats and accusations against Engoron. That includes at least one supporter who located the Engoron family home, provided it to Loomer, and offered to join in harassing them.

Online observers immediately noted that Loomer had no evidence that the posts had been made by Engoron’s wife. The following day, Newsweek spoke with Dawn Engoron, who made it clear she had no connection to the account Loomer cited. New York’s Office of Court Administration has since confirmed that the account did not belong to Engoron’s wife, that Dawn Engoron doesn’t even have a Twitter account, and that she never posted the images Loomer used.

None of this stopped Loomer and her followers from continuing to spread the images and elaborating on lies about Engoron, his wife, and his family.

On Wednesday, Trump began reposting the images on his Truth Social platform. He kept right on posting them on Thursday, even after the gag order had been reinstated.

Since Engoron was not protected under the intentionally narrow gag order, it’s unlikely that these reposts are in violation of that order. Trump has made or reposted a number of false claims and threats against Engoron, including one suggesting that Engoron and New York Attorney General Letitia James be subject to “citizen’s arrest.”

Trump is issuing clear threats to Engoron and other members of the court, showing that he’ll go to any lengths in his constant search for revenge. Their spouses, family, and friends are not off limits for Trump. To underscore this, a hearing just last week revealed hundreds of “serious and credible“ threats each day made against Engoron and Williams even before Trump began repeating Loomer’s “Engoron crime family” images.

This is a blatant and obvious effort to rule through fear.

With multiple criminal cases to follow the New York civil fraud trial, it’s also a message that is sure to be heard by every judge, clerk, and prosecutor Trump will be facing in the coming weeks. And something that will be viscerally felt by every member of their families.

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