ICYMI: Dark Brandon comes out swinging hard at Donald Trump

President Biden kicks off reelection campaign from Valley Forge

“You can’t be pro-insurrectionist and pro-American!” Dark Brandon came out swinging HARD at Trump in a rousing 2024 campaign kickoff speech.

 Trump attorney leans on Supreme Court to repay their debt to Trump

It just doesn’t get more blatant than this!

Abortion rights clear big hurdle in Florida, but forced birthers are fighting dirty

Republican lawmakers are making it clear they don’t want voters to decide.

Here’s how we flip George Santos’ seat from red to blue

Time is short, and Republicans are rolling out their dark-money machine. But as we’ve always preached at Daily Kos, the best response is people power.

Cartoon: Mike Luckovich on leaving Texas

Adiós, Texas!

Capitol police officer who protected Congress on Jan. 6 launches bid to join it

A remarkable story is unfolding here.

More top stories:

Trump’s fake cure for COVID is responsible for 17,000 deaths

Turns out that peddling snake oil over vaccines was dangerous and deadly.

GOP loses only credible candidate in Democratic House seat it’s trying to flip

Good news for Democrats!

GOP House seems hell-bent on forcing a government shutdown

Here we go again! Republicans are doing all they can to turn the lights off.

Republicans are trying to block protections for LGBTQ+ foster kids

Congressional Republicans are working themselves into a tizzy over this one.

Three years of Trump’s lies about the Jan. 6 insurrection have taken their toll

If we are going to win in 2024, it will take a lot more than hope.

Missouri Republican is first House member to announce retirement in the new year

This retirement surprised just about everyone.

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