ICYMI: Tucker’s a ‘useful idiot,’ Florida Republicans are in denial

Questions abound when it comes to Russia’s next election. Guess how many Tucker asked

Guess who called him a “useful idiot” who is “like a puppy dog” for Putin.

Trump’s attacking a military family because that’s who he is

Empathy and compassion are just words that Trump doesn’t know how to spell.

Some Florida Republicans seem to think not mentioning climate change will make it go away

They say things are different in Florida, but who knew they’d operate like they’re on a whole other planet.

‘Unreliable’: Studies cited by judge in 2023 abortion pill case have been retracted by publisher

Mifepristone is safe and effective, despite what forced birthers want you to believe.

Cartoon: Valentine’s Day cards for 2024

What conservative men are really looking for in a partner.

Trump echoes Hitler’s ‘final solution’ rhetoric in latest speeches

If he walks like a Nazi, and talks like a Nazi …

Trump has made his pick for the new head of the RNC—and he’s really something

Only Trump can find a person who is in charge of “election integrity” yet also pushes the “Big Lie.”

Speaker Mike Johnson is getting squeezed from all sides on Ukraine aid

Does he stand with Ukraine or Trump?

Your employer can now match your student loan repayments as 401(k) contributions

Care for some good news?

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