Matt Gaetz at CPAC: ‘They can even try to expel me on bulls— if they want’

Rep. Matt Gaetz spoke at the Conservative Political Action Conference on Friday and used his time to attack his enemies—most of whom are fellow Republicans. After criticizing President Biden’s age and the administration’s push to continue sending aid to Ukraine, the Florida man aimed his fire at members of his own party for supporting the ongoing (and salacious) ethics investigation into Gaetz’s shady dealings and behavior.

After questioning the financial investment histories of two GOP officials, House Ethics Committee Chairman Michael Guest and Sen. Markwayne Mullin, Gaetz went in on the threats:

You see, when I offer these critiques that include the conduct of some fellow Republicans I catch a lot of heat. Don’t get me wrong: I’d prefer to just fight the Democrats. But if the Republicans are going to dress up like Democrats in drag, then I will lead the fight against them, too.

I’m here to fight for you. It’s the people’s house, after all. Last time I checked, the people hate Congress! We have a lower approval rating than the IRS. So I don’t give a rip if they boo me on the floor, if they hate me and their corrupt little souls, and they can even try to expel me on bullshit if they want, but this is a movement that the uni-party cannot kill. 

They’re trying with President Trump, and even the MSNBC resistance libs admit that he grows stronger by the day. Well, you know what? In the MAGA movement, at CPAC, my friends Matt and Mercy Schlapp, all of you, we are all growing stronger. And I am the strongest fighting these battles with you in my corner.

Gaetz’s anger over the investigation into his activities with former close friend and convicted sex trafficker Joel Greenberg reportedly led him to wage a civil war within his party to oust former Speaker Kevin McCarthy. Gaetz seems to revel in attention—and specifically the attention he gets by attacking his own party. This election cycle is probably going to get a lot nastier before the dust settles.

Democratic voters know Joe Biden is old and MAGA voters like to pretend that Trump isn’t just as long in the tooth. Both men were old the last time we did this and the only thing that’s changed is Biden is now a successful incumbent, while Trump is busy juggling trials and indictments.

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