CNN does it right, cutting off Trump in the middle of lie-riddled speech

Often, writers at Daily Kos are left fuming about instances in which large media outlets seemingly skew the facts to preserve their sacred devotion to holding Democrats to an infinitely higher standard than Republicans. (Looking at you, New York Times.) So it seems only appropriate that when one of those outlets does something right, it should be recognized. 

In Thursday’s coverage of visits to the southern border by both President Joe Biden and Donald Trump, CNN didn’t just follow both and deliver bland language about competing messages. When Trump’s few minutes of talking were chock full o’ lies, CNN cut in and moved immediately to provide its audience with a real-time fact check. 

This isn’t the first time CNN has done this. CNN’s past refusal to fully air one of his speeches so enraged Trump that he tried to have the company’s license revoked without seeming to realize that cable networks don’t need a license. But it’s always good to see the media treating the facts as important, so … hat tip. 

Too bad they didn’t get to the really meaty—and absolutely bizarre—part of Trump’s visit.

CNN’s online coverage also provided this information to readers who didn’t happen to be watching at the time. And the contrast they highlighted with Biden was more than just the kind of “dueling remarks” coverage provided elsewhere. 

Biden’s speech, largely delivered from a prepared text, was highly factual. Biden devoted much of the address to an accurate description of various provisions of the bipartisan border bill he supports but Trump’s opposition helped to kill in Congress. 

Trump’s speech minutes prior, much of which appeared to be off the cuff, was filled with assertions about migrants that were unsubstantiated, misleading or plain false.

This is the kind of coverage that should be happening more often, and when it does happen, it seems only appropriate to praise one of those outlets for doing something right—and hoping that it becomes a trend.

Meanwhile, at the border …

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