ICYMI: Hunter Biden shows his might, CNN does right, and Jim Jordan loves to gaslight

Hunter Biden absolutely owned Republicans in his testimony

This testimony was extremely satisfying to read, especially the Matt Gaetz smackdown.

GOP congressman demands president’s family be left alone. No, not that family

We have to admit that this level of gaslighting is almost impressive. Almost

CNN does it right, cutting off Trump in the middle of lie-riddled speech

We’ll bash the media when they deserve it, so let’s also applaud them when they nail it.

Louisiana’s solution to gun violence? More guns

Republicans pour gas on the fire.

House suffers grueling 16-hour workweek to fund government for one whole week

Even for them, this is a light workweek.

Missouri AG sues Planned Parenthood over Project Veritas video involving fictional girl

What in the actual hell is going on in Missouri?

West Virginia GOP wants exemptions for vaccines as measles spreads in 15 states

Has the anti-science movement infiltrated your state legislature as well?

Rick Scott would ‘absolutely’ support Trump in November—even if he’s convicted

Sen. Rick Scott is doing his bit for the destruction of liberal democracy.

Why Justin Amash could give the GOP a headache in Michigan’s Senate race

He’s not a moderate, but he could still upend a key election for Republicans.

Cartoon: Tools

A look inside Putin’s most useful toolbox. 

Biden and Trump both spoke at the border. Only one looked presidential

Even though we knew the outcome, the contrast between the two was stark.

Alabama lawmakers rush to pass bill to get IVF services restarted

A massive public-relations cleanup effort is underway.

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