ICYMI: The Supreme Court’s gift to Trump, and was Melania sending Ivanka a message?

Supreme Court gives Trump a huge gift by hearing his immunity case

The far-right court might as well have put a bow on this. 

Watch GOP congressman get absolutely stumped trying to defend his Biden lies

This is how you respond to a barrage of easily disproved lies on live television. 

The Freedom Caucus wants to take over elections in Arizona’s biggest county

RED ALERT! This ought to make the hair on the back of your neck stand up.

Cartoon: McConnell’s work

Someone please call the fire department.

Republicans hatched a secret assault on the Voting Rights Act in Washington state

This was as sneaky as it gets. 

McConnell stepping down is the death rattle of the GOP’s establishment wing

Where will Republicans go next?

The GOP’s making workers miserable while collecting every dime for billionaires

Republicans seem intent on recreating the horrific working conditions from a Dickens novel.

Republicans will do anything to protect IVF, except vote for it

Sen. Cindy Hyde-Smith had an especially pathetic excuse for her inaction.

New book on first ladies: Melania’s ‘I really don’t care’ coat was a message to Ivanka

Here’s some delicious dish on Melania Trump’s time in the public eye.

The next goal of the forced-birth lobby: Attacking prenatal screening for fetal abnormalities

They were never, ever going to stop at Roe v. Wade

These responses to McConnell stepping down are all kinds of fun

Tell us which one is your favorite. Click here to see more cartoons.

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