Rick Scott would ‘absolutely’ support Trump in November—even if he’s convicted

Medicare fraudster and U.S. Sen. Rick Scott is doing his bit for the destruction of liberal democracy, claiming that he’d vote for insurrectionist, self-described grabber of crotches and judge-described sexual assaulter, business fraud, (alleged!) top secret documents thief, and semi-ambulant absurdity Donald Trump—even if Trump is convicted of a crime.

Because the only way to halt the raging national crime wave that exists entirely in Republicans’ minds is to elect a criminal to the highest office in the land.

The Republican Party, which once swaddled itself in principled opposition to Soviet aggression, has become a wholly owned subsidiary of Vladimir Putin’s vodka- and evil-marinated brain, and all Putin had to do was compromise one debauched reality TV star. Normally you have to buy a $325 Cameo to get Rudy Giuliani to do embarrassing tricks for you, but Putin got his services for free.

Watching old-guard Republicans morph into humiliated wads of protoplasm in utter thrall to a Flamin’ Hot Cheeto Demon would be really effing funny if the stakes for Western democracy weren’t so damn high.

In an impromptu interview with CNN’s Manu Raju Tuesday, Scott said he’d “absolutely” support Trump as the party’s nominee, even if he’s convicted in one or more of the four felony cases he currently faces. 

And Sen. Scott—who, again, was responsible for one of the worst Medicare frauds in history—is standing by his answer. After all, even if the GOP nominated Nikki Haley, surely Democrats would dredge up something on her that’s equally as picayune as Trump’s deadly attempted coup, 91 felony charges, colossal business fraud judgment, massive defamation/sexual abuse judgment, wholesale betrayal of a democratic ally, and weird series of speeches that sound increasingly like Hitler screaming lunch orders through a glitchy Arby’s drive-thru intercom.

“I think any of our nominees, they’re going to try to go after for something, so I support Trump,” Scott bravely intoned.

Really? Haley’s pretty awful, but mostly in ways Republicans love. Unless she’s vowing to crack down on rampant Medicare fraud, it’s hard to imagine why Scott would prefer Trump over her. Unless he’s a soulless, craven Jell-O salad, that is.  

The Hill:

The remarks from Scott came ahead of news that Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) would step down from his post as leader this coming November. McConnell has faced growing pressure to endorse the former president, who is the front-runner in the GOP primary, as the vast majority of Senate Republicans have fallen in line behind Trump.

Asked in the same interview Tuesday whether he thought it was a problem that McConnell had not endorsed Trump, Scott told Raju, “I’ve endorsed Trump; he’s going to be our nominee, and he’s going to be the next president.”

“Everybody gets to decide how they want, what they want to do,” Scott added. “Look, I want a president that’s going to secure the border; Trump will do it. I want a president that’s gonna have a better economy. Trump will do it. I want a person that doesn’t like war,” he said, before attacking President Biden on foreign and domestic policy matters.  

Yes, the famously antiwar Donald Trump, who wants to invade Mexico; hates all foreign military engagements, unless they’re initiated by Putin; and likely Neville Chamberlained Europe into its current predicament.

Yeah, that guy’s been great for global stability.

Also, apart from inflation—which is still a bit higher than normal but has been rapidly falling—the economy is already doing great. The last thing we need is to enact more goofy, counterproductive tariffs while deporting millions of willing workers. If you hated COVID-19-induced inflation, imagine how much you’d hate the entirely self-inflicted kind. 

Of course, Scott isn’t exactly a deep thinker, as evidenced by his original plan to “rescue” America by regularly sunsetting Social Security and Medicare (which, again, his former company stole from). But it strains credulity to think that he can’t see Trump for what he is. Maybe he’s not as cowardly as Sen. Lindsey Graham, the hawkish Ukraine booster who just voted against Ukraine aid because Putin’s most valuable foreign asset told him to. But we already knew there are no depths Lindsey won’t stoop to. He’d vote for a Senate resolution saying Lindsey Graham sniffs his own underpants if Trump told him to.

Psst, Republicans. History will judge you. Not for Medicare fraud, apparently, but surely future generations will cast a jaundiced eye toward the folks who greased the skids for American fascism. We could even turn into a kleptocracy run by unaccountable oligarchs if we’re not careful. Which means Medicare fraud will suddenly be legal.

Okay, so maybe there’s a bit more method to Scott’s madness than meets the eye.

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