Daily Caller retraction of Easter story leaves GOP with egg on faces

Oh, how awkward. After spending their Easter weekend rending their garments because President Joe Biden ruined Easter, Republicans might need to retract their outrage because it turns out, nope, he didn’t. 

The story that had so many Republicans, including House Speaker Mike Johnson, in a tizzy was published by the Daily Caller last week and declared that the president had quite blasphemously and, the story suggested, for the first time ever in history, “banned religious Easter eggs” from the White House’s annual Easter Egg Roll. 

Just one problem, as the Daily Caller noted in its retraction of the story:

The ban of religious symbolism on eggs as part of the White House Easter egg art contest has been longstanding, dating back decades, and the Biden administration did not make any modifications to this rule. While the Caller did not explicitly state at any point that the rule was new, this additional context rendered the main thrust of the article misleading to readers, who could reasonably have come to the conclusion that the rule was new.


Johnson is not the only Republican who was quick to jump on the now-retracted story as evidence that Biden—the practicing Catholic president who very regularly attends church services—hates Easter, Jesus, and apple pie. As congressional reporter Jamie Dupree noted, Minnesota Republican and House Majority Whip Tom Emmer used the story to declare that Biden “proudly leads the charge” in the “radical left’s war on Christianity.”

Raging about the longstanding rule that Biden in no way invented or was responsible for was only one part of the GOP’s weekend of rage. Many Republicans were furious that the 15th annual Transgender Day of Visibility coincided with Easter this year—something Biden also did not decide.

At least they can take some comfort in knowing that Biden didn’t personally destroy the sanctity of Easter eggs after all. Their heartfelt apologies will surely be coming any minute now …

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