ICYMI: House GOP is hardly working, Trump’s newest call for violence has him smirking

House Republicans have spent literally half the year not working

Are they working hard or hardly working?

Must-win Arizona is becoming a quagmire for Trump

He lost the state before—and he just might do it again.

Shocker: Trump team shrugs off his latest call to violence

If a regular American citizen threatened a sitting president, they’d get a visit from those fellas in the suits with the dark glasses. Trump threatens Biden? Crickets.

Cartoon: The wrong cop


Biden campaign reminds Haley voters Trump doesn’t want them

Trump says he has all the votes he’ll need, but we’ll see about that.

‘Incredible opportunity’: Florida Senate hopeful cheers abortion ballot measure

Florida voters will have a chance to protect abortion rights this November.

Bible salesman Trump commits many sins the Good Book preaches against

Some products just don’t need a spokesperson. 

MAGA suckers are about to lose a lot of money thanks to Truth Social

The Truth is: This company is super shady.

Daily Caller retraction of Easter story leaves GOP with egg on faces

Turns out Biden did not ruin Easter after all.

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