Republicans want to name an airport after Trump. Of course they do

Here’s your friendly reminder that Trump created less than zero jobs in four years, continually kowtowed to dictators like Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping, and proudly ripped reproductive freedom away from tens of millions of Americans.  

But, to be fair, “freedom, prosperity, and strength” would look good on an airport gift shop neck pillow.

The irony of naming an airport that currently honors a staunch mid-20th century Cold Warrior after Trump is pretty rich, too. Trump clearly wants Russia to win its war of aggression against Ukraine. And he wants to put his name on a Russia-Ukraine peace plan that would kill Ukrainians’ constitution and freedoms to the benefit of Putin. He also wants to import autocracy and kleptocracy to our shores.  

So this is pretty outrageous, really. And instead of, say, passing a Ukraine aid bill or doing something substantial on the border issues they can’t stop complaining about, House Republicans are wasting their time with a measure that will become law around the same time Trump publishes a peer-reviewed unified field theory that doubles as a church potluck Frito Pie recipe.  

Then there’s the fact that Trump currently faces 88 serious felony charges, many of which involve his failed attempt to literally end America. Along with Trump University, et al., Trump Coup was yet another spectacular failure. Though, somehow, the country appears to have learned less from that failed enterprise than his luckless marks learned at Trump University.    

Then again, congressional Republicans are old hands at the irony thing. After all, they named one of Washington’s airports after Ronald Reagan, the same guy who fired the striking air-traffic controllers in 1981, thereby making air travel more dangerous and, as a bonus, driving a stake into the heart of the American labor movement.  

Of course, many Republicans have been reluctant to rename military installations that honor Confederate generals, so naming an airport after a modern-day traitor to the republic is a lateral move at worst. 

To be sure, there’s little danger that this proposal will go past the initial planning stages, since the Trump cult is currently out of power, and the chance of President Joe Biden signing such a bill is, well, zero.  

But if Trump somehow returns to the White House and declares martial law, all bets are off. Though if that happens, we may have to worry more about Trump chiseling Abe out of the Lincoln Memorial, shoehorning a gold statue of himself in there, and converting the chair into a power-flush toilet.     

But hey, we’ll cross the Trump Thousand-Year Reich Bridge—Sponsored by Tostino’s Pizza Rolls (fka the Frederick Douglass Memorial Bridge) when we come to it.

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